Study tour and GIS/remote sensing training of Tanzanian geoscientists successfully finalised

1st July 2013, Freiberg (Germany)

In June 2013, four geoscientists from the Geological Survey of Tanzania (GST) visited Beak Consultants GmbH for a study tour and training in Germany. The event was part of the "Geoscientific Data and Information Management System" (GMIS) project. Mineral prediction mapping and metallogenic map compilation, capacity building and transfer of knowledge are the major components of the 15-months-project.

During the study tour, the Tanzanian experts were introduced to similar German governmental bodies and research institutes, their structure, organisation, management and duties.

Specialised training courses in GIS, remote sensing technologies and neural-network-based predictive mapping were executed in Freiberg. The guests were introduced to advangeo® Prediction Software for mineral exploration targeting, the interpretation of hyperspectral remote sensing data and the use of ESRI ArcGIS10 software for map compilation and geoscientific data management.

We kindly thank the BGR (Federal Institute for Geoscience and Natural Resources), the LfULG (Saxon State Agency of Environment, Agriculture and Geology), the LBGR (State Office for Mining, Geology and Raw Material of Brandenburg), the UFZ (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research), the TUBAF (Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg) and the Mining Archive in Freiberg for cooperation and opportunity to visit.

More information about GST can be found here.

Photo: Visit to Federal Institute for Geoscience and Natural Resources in Hannover/Germany. ©BGR

Photo: Visit to Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig/Germany. ©UFZ

Photo: Visit to State Office for Mining, Geology and Raw Material of Brandenburg in Cottbus/Germany.

Photo: Visit to Beak Consultants GmbH in Freiberg/Germany.