26-30 October 2009, Africa GIS


Africa GIS 2009


At the international conference, Africa GIS 2009 , Beak presented the lecture:

  • Use of artificial intelligence for prediction of geo-spatial events: background, software and case studies.

The software, advangeo®, and test scenarios describing various fields applications was introduced, including uses in extractive industries (i.e. the selection of exploration targets), the prediction and management of soil erosion, the forecast of geo risks and forestry (e.g. the dispersion of forest pests). BEAK’s presence at this conference was rewarded with an invitation to publish its findings in the "International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research". In this publication, the article, "Spatial Modeling of Natural Phenomena and events with Artificial Neural Networks and GIS", will describe the three aforementioned test cases in detail (in press).