67th Conference „Berg- und Hüttenmännischer Tag“
The transparent Erzgebirge
Searching for concealed minerals - 3D prediction using artificial neural networks

8th - 10th June 2016, Freiberg (Germany)

Together with partners from the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Beak Consultants presents the session „The Transparent Erzgebirge“. Results of a two-year-lasting research co-operation for development of an approach for three-dimensional prediction of concealed mineral deposits at the example of the Erzgebirge will be presented.

The predictive method of artificial neural networks was successfully implemented into the 3D environment. Known tin deposits have been inserted into the 3D model of the Erzgebirge and used for predictive mapping. By applying the newly developed advangeo® 3D Prediction Software, prospective areas have been calculated on top of large granite intrusives.

Figure: Known Tin Deposits on top of the Middle Erzgebirge Granite.

The promising results allow the delineation of mineral potential areas in other parts of the granite dome.

Figure: Tin prospective areas on top of the Middle Erzgebirge Granite.

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