50th Příbram mining symposium
10th- 14th October, 2011. Příbram (Czech Republic)
The 50th Mining Příbram Symposium will take place at the Antonin Dvorak Theatre in Příbram on 10th - 14th October. Since 1962, this regular autumn meeting of experts is devoted to new technology under the name “Mining Príbram in Science and Technology”. The Symposium participants work in professional sections that feature a wide spectrum of themes, ideas and interests, from instructive mining history and modern technological methods up to current issues concerning mining legislation and the future of mining. For more information about the symposium please see www.hpvt.cz/en.  Beak will contribute to the Technical Session: “Mathematical Methods in Geology” on Monday, 10th October, with a presentation about the advangeo® prediction software package. Dr Karl-Otto Zeissler will talk about Artificial Neural Network instead of Kriging? A Case Study with Soil Contamination of Complex Sources”.