12 January 2011, 23rd Colloquium of African Geology, AEGOS/GIRAF/OneGeology Workshop, Johannesburg (South Africa)


The CAG23 (23rd Colloquium of African Geology) at the University of Johannesburg was the event for earth sciences in Africa. During a special AEGOS/GIRAF/OneGeology workshop about “Geoscientific Information Infrastructure in Africa” Andreas Knobloch gave a talk about “Innovative Projects in the Frame of AEGOS: Predictive Mapping on Mineral Resources with advangeo®”.

In the frame of the AEGOS (African-European Georesources Observation System) project, advangeo® has been used to demonstrate advangeo's potential to generate user oriented products. As an example, a case study for the prediction of Gold occurrences in NW-Ghana is presented. The modeling was based completely on available data, such as the geological maps, tectonic maps and data from airborne geophysical survey. The ANN model was calibrated by use of existing point data of known mineralisation.

For more information please see our presentation.

In addition, Vaclav Metelka from the Université Toulouse / Czech Geological Survey gave a talk about the “Regolith Landform Mapping in Western Burkina Faso, Using Airborne Geophysics and Remote Sensing Data in a Neural-Network”.

For more information please see the abstract and the presentation.

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