Soil information symposium 2011
12-13 October 2011. Dresden
On 12-13 October, the symposium “Soil information - the basis for soil conservation, economics and research”, organized by the State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology of Saxony (LfULG) took place at the Conference Centre of the Saxon Development Bank at Dresden with nameable speakers from Germany and abroad. For more information see the conference program.
Beak participated in the poster session with the following contribution: “Areal representation of pollutant concentrations in urban areas using artificial neural networks (ANN)” and presented the results of a project with the forecasting software advangeo® that was executed significantly by Dr. Thomas Hertwig, Dr. Karl-Otto Zeissler (both Beak Consultants GmbH) and Dr. Ingo Müller (LfULG).