18 - 19 May 2011, Colloquium “Sächsischer Geothermietag Spezial” /
“Saxon Geothermal Day”, Freiberg (Germany)


Beak was an exhibitor at the colloquium “Sächsischer Geothermietag Spezial”, which took place at Freiberg/Germany. The colloquium and exhibition of the Saxon Geothermal Day was the event for scientific knowledge exchange regarding the availability and robustness of geothermic parameters.

The knowledge of robust geothermic underground parameter is crucial for the proper sizing of geothermal systems and critical to the reliability and efficiency of geothermal energy. Geological information and average petro-physical parameters are also the basis for geothermal potential maps and models. This is, on the one hand, an already established practice, but, on the other hand, there are some significant knowledge gaps and uncertainties. The subject of the 8th Saxon Geothermal Day was to question this and to disclose, but also represent the current state of research.

For more information about the colloquium please visit http://gkz-ev.de/saechsischer-geothermietag/einfuehrung and see the programme.