New questions/complaints (Q&C) module of the social accountability platform of Cameroon’s mining sector is online! (Beta version)

29th November 2021, Yaoundé (Cameroon)

As already reported on July 15, 2021, the website of the platform for the social responsibility of the mining sector in Cameroon is online (beta version) and now offers new modules and functionalities.

The purpose of the Questions and Complaints (Q&C) module is to collect and list questions and complaints from the various stakeholders of the mining sector as well as the public, and forward them to the PRECASEM / MINMIDT specialists who will respond or forward the Q&C to the relevant local authorities.
This module is aimed at all mining companies as well as employees, workers and artisans of the mining sector, civil society actors and NGOs who can register for free on the platform via the following link:

The website, accessible at, is open to the public and users can already create and customize profiles, post documents and events online, which can then be discussed and commented on. The two main new features are:

  • the questions and complaints module, that allows any logged-in user to post questions/complaints on the platform (figure 1). These Q&C can be listed on a public list on demand of the user and after validation by the moderation, and then appear on the website (figure 2).
  • a messenger module (chat) allowing users to communicate with each other privately (figure 3).

This website, which already counts more than 300 users, is developed by Beak Consultants GmbH within the framework of the MINMIDT's Capacity Building Project in the Mining Sector (PRECASEM), funded by the World Bank.

Figure 1: User Interface of the questions/complaints module

Figure 2: View of public questions/complaints

Figure 3: View of the messenger module, allowing logged-in users to network and interact with each other