New research project launched
Investigation of biodiversity in post-mining areas

1st June 2015, Senftenberg (Germany)

Beak Consultants GmbH is partner within the research project “habitats and biodiversity in restoration sites of the post-mining landscapes in the South of East Germany”, coordinated by the Forschungsinstitut für Bergbaufolgelandschaften (FIB) from Finsterwalde (Germany). Within this project, the succession of habitats and biocoenosis of restoration sites will be investigated, financed by the Lausitzer und Mitteldeutsche Bergbau-Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (LMBV) from March 2015 to December 2016. The goal is to find ways for an ecologically sensible and economically feasible design of post-mining areas. Beak supports this scheme with experiences of 20 years “bio-management” for the lignite open-cast “Welzow-Süd”.

A project description can be found on the FIB website.

Photo: Afforestation area within a post-mining landscape