References: Customized information systems with advangeo®
2010 Ghana Mineral exploration targeting for gold in NW-Ghana using artificial intelligence and GIS with advangeo® Prediction Software
Client: BRGM, European Union
2004-2008 Kosovo Planning and creation of nationwide geo-scientific maps of Kosovo in the sub-steps: developing the map concepts, creation of legends, data processing and data homogenization, data collection, cartography. The following maps are part of the project: geological maps, hydro-geological map, tectonic map, soil map, minerals map, resource management map, thermal and mineral waters map.
Client: Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals of Kosovo
2005-2006 Republic of South Africa Planning, implementation and introduction of a customised database and GIS as an absolute prerequisite for the rehabilitation activities at the Witwatersrand Mining Basin that is marked by a high density of mines, mining waste facilities and enormous environmental problems.
Client: Council for Geosciences South Africa
2004-2005 Namibia Planning and implementation of the geo-scientific information system for the Department of Water Affairs of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Affairs and Rural Development of Namibia.
Client: Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry
2004 Kosovo Development of the Geo-Database Kosovo.

Client: Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals (ICMM), Prishtina
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