In conjunction to its advangeo® Prediction Software, Beak also offers a wide range of consulting services including:
  • the processing of existing data
  • the capture of new data
  • the design of customized data management systems
  • system introduction and training

Typical activities include:

  • processing of any kind of existing data
  • evaluation of the mineral prospects
  • generation of mineral exploration targets
  • risk assessment for geo-hazards and the planning of preventative measures
  • dispersion of forestry and agricultural pests
  • soil protection
  • prediction of soil contamination
  • geological and soil mapping

Beak possesses of a multidisciplinary team of experts, that cover a wide range of expertise, incl. mining, geology, minerals, hydrogeology, hydrology, biodiversity, land use planning, land surveying, GIS, cartography, database, information technology, mathematics, geophysics, etc.