advangeo® Prediction Software is a modelling and prediction software developed for the modelling and analysis of spatial data with artificial intelligence. The approach is fully integrated into a common GIS environment.
workflow Figure 1: General workflow  

The software guides the user through all of the procedures prior to modelling, including input data preparation, data organisation and analysis, model definition, artificial neural network training, model application and the presentation of modelled results.

Typical advangeo® results may include:

  • probability maps of the event of interest (e.g. areas prone to landslides)
  • maps illustrating the quantitative forecast of the parameter in question (e.g. arsenic content in soils)

The results may be verified by:

  • the network error
  • cross-validation exercises
  • independent test scenarios
  • field verification

Network Error
Figure 2: Validation with the network error
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