Soil erosion

Soil erosion Figure 1: Soil erosion in agricultural areas

  Soil erosion in agricultural areas of Saxony

The prediction of the probability of soil erosion in agricultural areas was conducted to identify sites that are susceptible to various degrees (or states) of soil erosion and to develop possible preventative / mitigative measures.


The loss of fertile soils is a significant problem that persists in semi-arid and arid regions, but can also occur in temperate zones. In addition to the detrimental effects on agricultural areas, the mobility of soil creates problems on roads, in populated areas and in reservoirs where drinking water is stored. The ability to make accurate predictions that inform about areas prone to soil erosion facilitates the making of sound decisions in support of best management practices.

testcase 1 figure 1 Figure 2: Soil erosion pattern on aerial photograph   testcase 1 figure 2 Figure 3: Modelling area SK
  testcase 1 figure 3 Figure 4: Erosion prediction without hedgerows   testcase 1 figure 4 Figure 5: Modelling of hedgerows preventing erosion