5 December 2011, GIRAF Workshop 2011, Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)

Beak is attending the GIRAF (Geoscience Information in Africa) workshop in Dar es Salaam, which takes place on 5-8 December 2011. Delegates of 14 African countries and 4 European countries are presenting their latest achievements in developing information systems for managing and distributing geoscience information.

For more information about GIRAF visit www.giraf2009.org/GIRAF2009/EN/Home/home_node.html.

Beak with co-authors is contributing three presentations, reporting about the completion of the new EarthDataNamibia database, important user oriented aspects of the recently completed AEGOS project, and the use of its advangeo® artificial neural network software for predictive mapping (e.g. of mineral resources, geohazards).

For more information about the EartDataNamibia database see the following abstract.

For more information about AEGOS see the following abstract or visit www.aegos-project.org/index.php.

For more information about advangeo® see the following abstract.

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Impression from GIRAF 2011 Workshop at Dar es Salaam