27 January 2011, Geo-colloquium "advangeo® - Application of Methods of Artificial Intelligence for Modeling Geoscientific Data: Methodology and Case Studies", LfULG, Freiberg (Germany)


The focus of the Colloquium is the presentation of the methodology of integration of methods of artificial intelligence in the environment of modern geographic information systems and their application in daily practice of geoscience. After a brief introduction to the theoretical background of the approach and the software, the talk will focus of on how to solve certain problems in the fields of geological mapping, exploration targeting, geohazards (landslides, erosion gullies, coal fires), soil (soil erosion, pollutants in soils), modeling of chemical and physical soil parameters. In advance of the colloquium, information about the application in the field of exploration targeting may be obtained through the journal Glückauf 146 (2010), No. 4, p. 140-147 (News: 20 April 2010).

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Modeling of Gold prospectivity using advangeo®, workflow