References: Environmental planning
since 2011 Germany An avifaunic study of the water system "Kleine Spree" in the context of a bio-ecological monitoring: an area of 2.800 hectares in lignite open mine pit "Welzow-Süd" (2013) and 4 lowland areas of open pit environment, ~3300 hectares (2014); deduction of statements for an Environmental Impact Assessment for the coal mine Welzow-Süd (416 km²). Preparation of a species protection law study for a new plant and surface installations. Study of sensitive birds in the zone in front of mining pit of Welzow-Süd (2015). Bird count of whinchat in post-mining landscape (since 2011, continously).
Client: LEAG (Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG)
since 1996 Germany Stone and earth industry
Framework operational plans, main operating plans, environmental impact assessment, landscape conservation plans

Client: private Clients
since 1994 Brandenburg, Germany Biomanagement for the lignite opencast Welzow-Süd:
complex ecological monitoring, management of habitats, plants and animals, compensation measures, species and habitat protection regulations, conservation planning for short and long-term issues, macrozoobenthos, special mapping, soil protection, design of catchment areas and streams.

Client: LEAG (Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG)
2010-2012 Brandenburg, Germany Review of the breeding bird populations of the Welzow airfield and ecological supervision of construction work within the Natura 2000 site "Weißer Berg"
Client: juwi Solar GmbH
2011 Saxony, Germany Development of a general operating plan for the Buchholz clay surface mine including the EIS for the regional planning and plan approval procedures, a technical paper for legal protection of species, a SPA-compatibility assessment and the processing of the impact regulation (balance).
Client: Oberlausitzer Tonbergbau GmbH, Vierkirchen.
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