01 - 03 December 2010, Geological Remote Sensing Group, Annual Meeting, London (UK)


The conference GRSG AGM 2010 in London was the event for geo-environmental remote sensing – with almost 100 participants. Andreas Knobloch gave a presentation about “Neural network based predictive mapping with advangeo® and its application in the AEGOS project”.

In the frame of the AEGOS (African-European Georesources Observation System) project, advangeo® has been used to demonstrate the project's potential to generate user oriented products. Advangeo-based use cases range from the prediction of erosion gullies in South Africa to exploration targeting for Gold occurrences in NW-Ghana. The modeling was based completely on available data, such as the geological and soil maps, the digital elevation model and its derivations, land use data, data from airborne geophysical survey and satellite images. The ANN models were calibrated by use of existing point (known mineralisation) or polygon data (known erosion gullies).

For more information about AEGOS please see http://www.aegos-project.org/index.php.

For more information about GRSG please see www.grsg.org.uk.

For more information about the Conference please see the programme and our presentation.
GRSG01 2010  
The Geological Society, Burlington House – Venue of the GRSG AGM 2010
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Presentation at the GRSG AGM 2010