Prospecting of Mineral Resources in Rwanda by using advangeo®
21st December 2011. Ruanda

Kigali/Freiberg/Pretoria: Beak Consultants GmbH and the Geological Survey of Rwanda in East Africa signed a contract to carry out geological studies and work in Rwanda. In conjunction with the Geological Survey of the Republic of South Africa, Beak will carry out this extensive project to explore mineral deposits in Rwanda. This will be a valuable basis for the further successful development of this country. The enhancement of the economic power, generation of jobs and the investment of foreign capital are a crucial issue. The goal of the project is to find metals such as tin, wolfram, niobium, tantalum, lithium, gold and rare earths. The research programme combines classic methods of prospection with modern methods of data interpretation. The scientists hope to have success with the comprehensive evaluation of geochemical, geological and geophysical data. This will be done with the software advangeo®, which uses the technology of artificial neural networks and offers new possibilities for the targeting of mineral deposit. A close cooperation with the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg gives students of the geo-scientific courses the opportunity to take part in the field work and to participate with a bachelor or master thesis.

This project continues the traditionally close cooperation between Beak Consultants GmbH and partners from various African countries. Beak Consultants GmbH is currently planning or working on geological projects in Namibia, Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa, Morocco, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Senegal.

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